Best Destinations to Enjoy Your Own Fill of Booze

Nothing is more relaxing and fun than discovering new places. For most people, they consider traveling as a way to unwind and get rid of stress. But, if you’re looking to adding more to this experience, worry not because now, you can go travel and enjoy great booze along the way.

In some cases, there are people who are traveling to find the best booze they could taste. If this is a perfect idea for you, here’s a list of destinations you may want to add on your travel bucket list.

Chug Down a Premium Glass of Czech Republic’s Lager

Czech Republic has been rated as one of the most picturesque destinations in Europe. However, aside from that fact, the country is also famous for being the home to some of the most premium lager. The city of Prague in particular is known to have unlimited supply of booze to the extent that you can even bathe in it. It might sound  ridiculous but wait until you experience it yourself. Many who’ve tried it said that the unique spa package do work wonders to your body. So, if you enjoy spa and a good pilsner, Czech republic should certainly be on the list.

Have a Sip on the Best-Tasting Champagne in France

Champagne is often paired with life’s biggest events. From congratulatory parties, engagement and thank you events, champagne will never be amiss. So, if you’re truly fond of this booze, there’s not better way to enjoy it than to the place where it is born. The drink even got its name from the province it originated which is Champagne, France. During your tour, you’ll do more than just taste them. You can even watch the process and visit some vineyards where your favorite drink is created. Along with that, you’ll find other great landmarks in the area that truly showcase the beauty of the country.

Enjoy a Glass of a Beautifully Aged Whisky in Scotland

Scotland is undoubtedly the home of the best whisky. Many enjoyed this particular drink for a lot of reasons. Among them is due to its firm, strong and rich flavor. Though it may easily fall under the hard liquor category, connoisseurs said that this distinction is what made them enjoy this booze all the more. So, if you’re part of the population who loves their alcohol austere, Edinburgh in Scotland should definitely be part of your list.

Satisfy Your Thirst for a Good Tequila at Mexico

Drunk as many tequila shots as you want for this next destination. The state of Jalisco in Mexico has been recognized as the biggest producer of tequila. Due to its popularity and demand, it is even hailed as the most protected Mexican product. What’s more is, they don’t only excel at making tequila, they also have a great offerings of authentic Mexican cuisine you can pair it with. From burrito, tacos to rellenos, you’ll never have enough of them. So, Mexico definitely deserves a spot on your booze travel list.

Go on a Wine Safari Tour to the Land Down Under

Think you’ve tasted enough wine in your life? You might have to reconsider that idea again because the region of South Australia said so otherwise. The tour package offers a one-of-a-kind trip which usually include chauffeur car service around the vineyards and wineries in the region. Among the highlight of your trip would be the tastings paired with the scenic views of Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula. If you’re truly passionate about wines, a trip Down Under is a must for you.

Make your tour around the world even more fun and interesting with these tour suggestions. As enjoyable these suggestions sounds like, be sure to not get wasted when drinking. This way, you can still explore and marvel at the beautiful places you’re visiting.