Your Taste In Alcoholic Beverages Will Reveal Your Ideal Spring Break Destination

Margaritas and cosmos and mojitos, oh my! Margarita Cosmopolitan Mai Tai Long Island Iced Tea Vodka Soda Old-Fashioned Moscow Mule Whiskey Sour Bloody Mary Mojito

Lights, Camera and Cheers! – 4 Cocktail Drinks from Harry Potter You Could Actually Try

There’s no denying on the height of Harry Potter’s success. The series is in fact included to the list of highest-grossing films of all-time. That is even beside the fact that the books sold over 500 million copies. With these data alone, it is safe to say thay Harry Potter have left such a huge […]

Best Destinations to Enjoy Your Own Fill of Booze

Nothing is more relaxing and fun than discovering new places. For most people, they consider traveling as a way to unwind and get rid of stress. But, if you’re looking to adding more to this experience, worry not because now, you can go travel and enjoy great booze along the way. In some cases, there […]

The True Value of Liquor on Social Occasion – What Does It Say About You?

In almost every social event, there’s always drinking involved. Whether it is an intimate celebration or a big event, drinking is an activity that is often included in these occasions. Looking through it in a sociocultural context, it clear and visible how it’s presence influences these gatherings. With all these, many would probably come to […]

The Good & The Bad of Alcohol – 5 Secrets to Maintain a Healthy Drinking Habit

As enjoyable it is to enjoy a few glasses of booze, there’s a limit as to what your body can tolerate. It is in fact has been proven scientifically. Drinking occasionally may not be bad, but going over to what you can handle can pose a serious risk to your health. This is why it’s […]