Lights, Camera and Cheers! – 4 Cocktail Drinks from Harry Potter You Could Actually Try

There’s no denying on the height of Harry Potter’s success. The series is in fact included to the list of highest-grossing films of all-time. That is even beside the fact that the books sold over 500 million copies. With these data alone, it is safe to say thay Harry Potter have left such a huge mark in the industry of film and literature. But did you know that other than magic, spells and potion-making, there’s another thing Harry Potter is known for. That’s the amount of magical drinks and foods you can find from the whole series.

Potterhead or not, you’ve probably wondered how these would taste like. Thankfully, you never have to guess and dream of being in the book to find that out. Today, you’ll find variety of Harry Potter-inspired drinks that you can actually try. Check out some of the most popular of them with the list below.


Whether you’re an HP fan or not, Butterbeer is the drink you’ve heard tons of times. Be it on the film or book, the characters constantly mentions it. This is why it has been considered as the most classic and widely popular beverage in the series. It has been served and appeared numerous times throughout the whole series. This is the go-to drink of Hogwarts students whenever they visit Hogsmeade. Some of the ingredients for this particular drink include spice rum, cream soda, vanilla ice cream as well as butterscotch schnapps.


Another must-try on the list is the firewhisky. In a muggle’s world, firewhisky is like the pilsner of wizards and witches. Hogwarts students who are aged below 17 are not allowed to drink it yet, but you all know that not everyone follows this drinking rule. Ron Weasley has always been obsessed with this booze. Wizards, witches and muggles find this exciting because you can literally light it on fire. On any Harry Potter-themed bar, it is surefire to always have firewhisky on the menu.

Felix Felicis

Get all the luck you need with this next drink. Felix Felicis has been known to be a potion that gives the drinker a good luck. It is literally translated as “liquid luck.” So if you’re looking for a fun and great time, this definitely the drink you need. Just like the limitations on the series, it can be dangerous if you consume too much of it. Since it is technically qbooze, it still contains alcohol so it’s important that you drink it in moderation.


The next one on the list is a cocktail known to be made from Gillyweed. In the world of wizarding, they simply consider this one as flavored water. In the muggle’s world, however, they’ve managed to create a cocktail out of it. For this one, the drink usually contains gin, tonic water, coconut water, mint and cucumber. For the taste, it still possess the same crispness and biting flavor.

Does this list made you curious on what to try on your HP drink hunting? May these help you to get to know more about the film and the world of wizarding. Through these booze, it’ll certainly hard to not love them as you are now. So, the next time you think of drinks, time to reconsider these cocktails.