The True Value of Liquor on Social Occasion – What Does It Say About You?

In almost every social event, there’s always drinking involved. Whether it is an intimate celebration or a big event, drinking is an activity that is often included in these occasions. Looking through it in a sociocultural context, it clear and visible how it’s presence influences these gatherings.

With all these, many would probably come to wonder how drinking and social events have came to be. That’s why to provide some explanation about it, here’s a quick background you need to know.

Ethnographic Background

Looking through the available ethnographic material, it’s pretty clear that in all cultures drinks provides various social meaning. In most case, every drink is often loaded with symbolic meaning. You’ll also notice that the type of beverage people drink often changes depending on the occasion. There are booze meant for thanksgiving, mourning, wedding and even the most intimate gathering. This all boils down to the way people relate drinks in every stage of their life.

The Connection of Socializing & Drinking

Going back to thousand years ago, drinking is often tied up with socializing. It fosters such a tight correlation to this activity. Many of you might be wondering why, it is mainly due to the effect of alcohol to a person. Alcohol serves as a stimulant to a person. It helps people to be more open about themselves. Thus, allowing them to talk more freely and boost their confidence when it comes to interacting with other people. Simply put, alcohol acts as an effective lubricant. It instantly heightens the mood of any event. This activity improves a person’s social activity giving them the freedom to converse with the crowd.

What Is the Purpose of Social Drinking?

Pretty sure this question has been going on to your mind. To answer that, drinking in most events foster the idea of bonding and relationship of individuals. In several occasion, drinking often plays an important role. Say in a wedding, a toast usually takes place to celebrate the union of newly married couple. Another occasion would be corporate events. The purpose of these functions is to establish better relationship within the company. In majority of these parties, alcohol is often included.

Looking at these facts, alcohol serves a common purpose and that’s to encourage socializing. This is why it’s not surprising why people always relate drinking to most events.

Even to this day, it’s hard to deny as to how alcohol influence most social occasion. It seems as though liquor has become a staple ingredient for these gatherings. It holds such symbolic meaning in connecting and establishing better relationship among individuals. However, as valuable it is to sociocultural aspect of the society, it’s important to keep the drinking under control. Otherwise, this might negate the benefits it possesses. This is why you always have to remember to always drink in moderation.

In any case, you can best enjoyed the booze when you savor it and not chug it down like there’s no tomorrow. So, be sure you consume the right amount for your own sobriety and safety.